“Alere Flammam Veritatis”

Dublin, Ireland   2nd April, 2020.

Dear Sir Knights,

We, you and I, are at times obliged to take decisions that may not please all concerned, although taken in the light of Brotherly Love.




We have had to cancel our Spring Grand Council Stated Meeting that would have been held on Saturday, 28th March, 2020.

We now have to accept that to cancel our Summer Grand Council Stated Meeting that was planned for Saturday, 30th May, 2020, is the correct decision at this date, being supported by wide-ranging worldwide advice.

GCKM Law, Nos. 13, 14, 15, 16: traditionally, we would have accepted Nominations for Grand Officers for the year 2021 at the Summer 2020 Grand Council Stated Meeting (30.05.2020), and to be brought forward for Election for 2021 at the Autumn Grand Council Stated Meeting, scheduled for Saturday, 24th October, 2020.   That long-established pattern has been disrupted this year by the COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

In order to respect the GCKM Grand Officers elected for the year 2020, as their terms have been irreversibly disrupted in the current year, I have decided that resumption of the norm will recommence as and from the Summer Grand Council Stated Meeting to be held on Saturday, 5th June, 2021 (D.V.).   In other words, the elected GCKM Grand Officers for 2020 will please continue to serve for the year 2021.

GCKM Law No. 20: following tradition, the M.E. Great Chief will make the announcements of his Appointments for the year 2021 at the Autumn Grand Council Stated Meeting to be held on Saturday, 24th October, 2020 (D.V.); and to include whatever changes in personnel are deemed to be necessary for the resuscitation and development of the management of the Grand Council of Knight Masons.

GCKM Law No. 28: subordinate Councils of Knight Masons shall follow the procedure as outlined above for Grand Officers.   Otherwise, requested variation from a minority of Councils may be submitted to the R.E. Grand Scribe for consideration and, if thought to be laudable, be brought before Grand Council for approval, retrospectively if apposite.

GCKM Law Nos. 29, 30:   at this date assuming resumption of normal subordinate Council of Knight Masons’ Meetings in the second half of this year 2020, these Laws shall remain in force.   The traditional rhythm of our Masonic Chivalric Order is to be resumed as soon as possible for all of the evident reasons.

Thank you, in anticipation of your co-operation, and wishing you and your loved ones good health, peace and happiness.

Fraternally yours,


Great Chief

To:         Venerable Sir Knights;

               R.E. Sir Knights;   V.E. Sir Knights;

               E. Sir Knights;   Sir Knights & Ancients.