Council Chamber

Grand Council at its Stated Meeting of 15th February, 2003 approved the Restoration of the Grand Council Chamber. The Chamber was originally dedicated in 1956. It is a unique room the only one of its kind in the world and it is the home of Knight Masonry.

The work has been carried out during the Summer of 2003 and it is envisaged that Knight Mason Councils outside the Metropolitan Area may wish to travel to Dublin, on occasion, to make use of the Grand Council Chamber and perhaps confer Degrees during their visit. 

Therefore, Grand Council invited Councils to make a contribution towards the cost of this undertaking. Donations of €100 or more qualified the Sir Knight to have his name engraved on a brass Restoration Plate to be mounted on the wall of the ante room of the Grand Council Chamber. 

The restoration of the Grand Council Chamber took place during the tenure of M.E. Sir Knight Mervyn W. Morrison as the M.E. Great Chief (2001-2007) of The Grand Council of Knight Masons.


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