Grand Council of Instruction

Antonio D'EramoThe Grand Council of Instruction is the body which devises and recommends the ritual used in Knight Masonry so as to ensure that all aspects this ritual are communicated to the members of individual Councils.   The overall control of this Body lies with the Grand Scribe for Instruction, through him and his Assistant the overall maintenance of the ritual is achieved using a number of mediums such as:

Open Meetings of the Grand Council of Instruction: where members of Councils or Classes of Instruction will exemplify Degrees or specific parts of the ritual associated with this Order.

Classes of Instruction:usually organised in regions to cover where membership exists, these Classes meet with a view to rehearse the various ritual and ceremony associated with this branch of the Masonic Order.   The Class Leader will be an Elected Member of the Grand Council of Instruction and the evening will always ensure that the key officers of a Council are allowed to rehearse their respective roles.

Elected Members of the Grand Council of Instruction: these are Sir Knights who having gone through various examinations and exemplified their knowledge before the Grand Council of Instruction.   Their role is to actively assist the various Councils in the adherence to the ritual of the Order and they are of great assistance and guidance to any interested Sir Knight wishing to further their expertise in the ritual of the Order.

The Grand Council of Instruction

Open Meetings for the purposes of instruction where all Knight Masons are welcome are held in Northern Ireland on the first Saturday of April (or on the second Saturday should Easter coincide with the former date) and in Ireland on the second Saturday of November.   Additional dates may be held on dates and venues as may be arranged.

A Closed Meeting is held in May for the election of the V.E. Grand Scribe for Instruction and the V.E. Assistant Grand Scribe for Instruction.   The business of this meeting is also to ballot for elected membership and to review questions on ritual and where appropriate recommend suitable amendments.

The Annual Report of the Grand Council of Instruction is submitted by the Grand Scribe for Instruction at the June Stated Meeting of the Grand Council of Knight Masons for approval; and is thereafter distributed to all subordinate Councils for dissemination to all subscribing Sir Knights.

The V.E. Grand Scribe for Instruction, V.E. Sir Knight R. Lamont and his Assistant, V.E. Sir Knight D. McCormick, are always pleased to assist in dealing with any queries on ritual.

They can be contacted as follows:

R. Lamont:

D. McCormick:

Council Classes of Instruction

Name of Class Place of Meeting Meeting Times / Months
Province of Leinster Council Meeting Venues within the Province of Leinster.
Councils are encouraged to invite the Class of Instruction to visit them, as Council business will allow, to discuss Ritual items of interest.   As arranged by invitation with the Class Leader through the Provincial Grand Scribe: V.E. Sir Knight Michael Griffiths, 33 Grangebrook Avenue, Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland

Mid Ulster Masonic Hall, Tandragee, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland. 7:30 pm on the 1st Friday

1, 2, 3, 10, 11 & 12

Contact Details: Scribe: W.F. Cooper,
4 Manderley Rise,
Co. Armagh
BT63 5UW,
Northern Ireland. 38332132

North & East Down Masonic Hall, Saintfield, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. 7:30 pm on the 3rd Wednesday 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 & 12.
Programme October:             Enrolment and Knight of the Sword Degree
November:         Knight of the East Degree
December:          Excellent Chief Degree & Presentation of Officers
February:           Knight of the East and West Degree
March:               Election of Officers and open session on ritual
April:                Class Dinner and Scribes report

At each meeting except April; the Opening and Closing Ceremonies along with the duties of the Director of Ceremonies will be demonstrated. The only regalia required by Sir Knights attending is the sword and belt.

All Sir Knights are most welcome and we aim to finish the Class at 9.00 p.m.   We strive to cater for all the requirements of our members and numbers permitting we have the ability to divide the Class attendees to allow simultaneous activities such as the Degree of the Installed Chief  and the presentation of Officers to the newly installed Chief.   The friendliness of this branch of the Order and the Class in particular is further cemented with all attending retiring for a well earned cup of tea and light supper.

Contact Details:

Scribe:   K.E. Wray, 14 Grangewood Crescent, Dundonald  BT16 1GD, Northern Ireland.

Tel: 028 9041 0912 or Mob. 07788 925058

Northern Ireland Class

Masonic Hall, Carrickfergus Masonic Centre, Victoria Street, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.

7:00 pm. on the last Tuesday 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 & 12.



Enrolment and Opening and Closing Ceremonies;

Election of Officers.


Knight of the Sword formerly Red Cross of Daniel or Babylonian Pass Degree.


Knight of the East formerly Jordan Pass Degree.


Practice for Installations at Councils.


Presentation and Installation of the Excellent Chief Degree  and Officers along with the Reception of Grand Officers.


Knight of the East and West formerly Royal Order Degree;

Instruction pertaining to a Council of Knight Masons.


Finishing Night; Election of Officers; Questions & Answers; followed by Festive Board

At each meeting the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of a Council of Knight Masons will be rehearsed and the duties of the Director of Ceremonies demonstrated.

The only regalia required by Sir Knights attending is the sword, belt and frog.   Please bring your own to the Class of Instruction.

Fee for Session £3.00.

Contact Details:

Scribe:   Trevor Blair, 26 Victoria Rise, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim BT38 7UR, Northern Ireland.

North West


Masonic Hall, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

7.30 p.m.    Monday before the 4th Thursday in February.
Masonic Hall, 11 Derry Road, Strabane, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland:

7.30 p.m. Saturday before the 4th Monday in March.

Other locations by invitation.

Sir Knights attending are required to bring their own sword and belt.

Contact Details:

Scribe:   H. Friar, 3 Daisy Park, Sion Mills, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.   Tel:  028 8165 8237

Pentagon Knight Masons’ Class

Ballymena Masonic Hall, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.

3rd Thursday 7.30 p.m. 9, 10, 11, 2, 3, 4.

Contact Details:

Scribe:   R. Lynn, 4 Bamber Avenue, Ballymena BT43 5AW, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.   Tel: 07732124624

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Title abbreviations in Knight Masonry are

M.E. Sir Kt.  | R.E. Sir Kt. | V.E. Sir Kt. | E. Sir Kt. | Sir Kt.

[In other Orders e.g. “x” may be used in Royal Arch Masonry;

and “n” and “m” may be used in Templar Masonry.]

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